How to Get Review Reward

Are you one of the thousands of users who are enjoying the coupons deals or Coinback available from the merchants participating on ChatTee platform? If you are, please share with us your experience whether it was a mind blowing experience or whether it was something that needs improvements, we are all ears and we will also reward your voices with some coins.

Review Guidelines:

  1. Review Reward is given to user who redeemed the ChatTee coupons, received Coinback, or made payment with ChatTee Pay on any merchants participating on ChatTee platform.
  2. Each user is eligible to receive one Review Reward for one of the transactions mentioned above, so if you redeemed coupon and at the same time receiving Coinback from merchant, you can submit two reviews and you will get Review Rewards for each of them.
  3. A maximum of 20 TEC will be given as Review Reward for your genuine feedback on the merchant. The more details and the more pictures you attached, the bigger rewards you will receive.
  4. We are only able to moderate review in English and Japanese. So, any review written in other languages will be rejected.
  5. Please only attach the original pictures you take  at the merchant, any review that uses images which uses copyrighted images will be rejected and removed.
  6. We have the right to remove review which is not relevant, has repeated contents which are spam in nature, and also non-appropriate or insensitive comments.

How to Get Review Reward?

Step 1. Go to Use tab and tap on Coupon. Then select the coupon of the merchant that you want to give a review.


Step 2. Tap on the merchant’s profile name.


Step 3. Go to Review tab.


Step 4. Tap on Post a review.


Step 5. Write a review and earn TEC.



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