Refer Friends & Redeem Rewards Together!

Refer Friends & Redeem Rewards Together!
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Referral Event is back!

The event will take effect from 13 October 2020 17:00 SGT onwards. For each successful referral, you earn 1,000 TEC and the referees earn 100 TEC when registering with Singapore phone number.

Referral Bonus Update

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Please refer to the following page to find out more on how you can refer ChatTee to your friend and start getting HUGE amount of Coin.  

Limited time Polar Puff Coupon Price

For a limited time only, our most popular “$2 OFF Polar Puffs & Cake”coupon price is also lowered down till 15 Nov 2020. It’s a perfect time to redeem the most popular coupon with our Referral event. Please note that the coupon must be redeemed before the date, so ensure that you always get a snack and tidbits when you ‘chiong’ (working hard) referring our ChatTee application.  

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