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About Alpha

Established in 2011, Alpha Language School is a bridge that connects non-English/Mandarin-speaking expatriates to multicultural Singapore. As one of the four official languages of Singapore, English is widely used in everyday conversation, whether in business or casual settings. Mandarin Chinese follows as the next most often used language.

Our vision is to become the top language school in the country. Our mission is to provide fun and effective language courses for learners to feel at home in our cosmopolitan city.

The best learning school

Why People Choose Alpha Language School

Conductive Language Learning Environment

At Alpha Language School, we facilitate optimal language learning by keeping our students’ needs firmly in mind. Small classes allow teachers to better focus on students’ learning. Class content and teaching methods are adapted for each student according to their level of proficiency. With the understanding that many of our students have busy lives, we pride ourselves on our flexibility in arranging classes to best suit their schedules.

Our Teachers

Our teachers follow a set of professionally designed teaching methods. While textbooks are used to structure some classes, we always emphasize student-speaking time during lessons. We also encourage students to repeat phrases and sentences in order to ensure proper pronunciation and to improve their fluency of expression. To maintain a high standard of teaching at our school, we greatly value students’ feedback about our lessons.

Cultural Exchange

All students are welcome at Alpha Language School, whether they are new to the country or have lived here for a period of time. In our courses, we provide students with both the language skills and the cultural knowledge to work and live in Singapore. We also organize fun events around the city for students to further enrich their learning experiences and build rapport with our teachers.

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