Healthy Soba IKI

Our Soba is “Gluten Free Noodles”We import high quality organic buckwheat powder from Japan and make the soba in store, to serve you fresh,100% buckwheat.

How Our Soba Is Made

Handmade. Fresh. Delicious.

The Handmade Dough

We first mix the organic buckwheat powder with water. Next, we hand knead the dough until the dough is elastic and smooth in order to add strength to it. Each bowl of the soba is specifically weighed.

Made Fresh To Order

Once an order is made, we insert the dough into the machine where it compresses the dough into strands of soba and falls into the boiling water after it is cut.

Toss It!

The soba is cooked! Cold water is added to the soba to bring out the chewy texture of the soba. We then toss it to ensure that it does not become soggy.


The soba is ready! Let’s not forget the other ingredients that make the soba taste even better! Itadakimasu!