La Terre


It is a hidden space that provides a quiet respite from the hectic urban life of Singapore. Chief Sommelier and co-founder Daisuke Kawai describes La Terre’s ambiance as calm and soothing, where you can taste interesting Wines and Whiskies.

The name La Terre, “the earth” in French, recognizes the soil as the origin and one of the most fundamental factors in wine making.  It as well indicates going back to the origins, celebrating every moment while tasting the best quality wines and whiskies that Kawai prepared for his patrons. He is not trying to change the way a wine and whisky bar is operated with La Terre. “I’m not looking for something different, but the best in every way. This is my life and work philosophy,” Kawai said.

“LA TERRE is the perfect place for wine and whisky lovers. It is an experience for the senses.”


Born in Kashiwazaki-city, Niigata Japan, Daisuke Kawai moved to Tokyo after his high school graduation and started his first job in a café as a waiter. Soon after, he was offered a position at restaurant Eureka located in Imperial Hotel, Tokyo which is known for its high standards and emphasis on tradition.

In search for more knowledge abroad, Kawai moved to Sydney, Australia in 1999 and worked for a restaurant to gain more experience. After a year, he moved back to Tokyo but continued to travel and expose himself to different cultures, foods, and restaurant businesses across 42 different countries across the world.

In 2010, he moved to Singapore and worked for three-star Michelin restaurant Les Amis as Chef Sommelier and later at Lewin Terrace as the General Manager and Chief Sommelier where he honed his skills in the wine trade. By 2015, he was able to set up his own establishment, La Terre. Though many would assume that his career originated from the wine industry, it was through his time in the restaurant and service industry where he built the strong foundation for his career.

Currently, he is also an honoured guest judge for sommelier competitions and wine exhibitions in Singapore and around Asia. He also continues to participate in sommelier competitions and strives to be the best in the world one day.


December 2020

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World Gourmet Summit Awards of Excellence —

Best Sommelier of the Year


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Bar of the Year

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December 2017

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April 2016
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D.O.P Mozzarella Bar & Restaurant


From the fertile plain of Campania Region, where the owner, Luca Iannone came from, comes the unique Mozzarella di Bufala Denomination di Origin (D.O.P. , otherwise known as protected origin denomination). We have selected the very best farms and cheesemakers, who milk their own herds and produce superior mozzarella cheese with the characteristic of porcelain white shine, milky texture and distinctive taste.

Our Menu was created and is constantly updated with the following principles to serve only fresh and authentic Italian and ensure our products are always presented as stylish as their qualities command.