$80 (U.P. $180) Self-Aesthetic Body Treatment

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7b North Canal Road, Singapore

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September 17, 2021 8:00 am

October 16, 2021 8:00 am

Pursues the three essential elements of metabolism, decomposition and circulation to lose weight

Leads to a tight and beautiful body line

You can lose weight by focusing on cellulite and other parts of your body.

<Main Effect>

✓Cellulite ✓Body make up ✓Partial slimming ✓Tummy ✓Thigh ✓Second arm

  • Sliming effect
  • Aging care (Wrinkle & Sagging improvement)
  • Skin beautification effect
  • Acne scar improvement
  • Blood circulation


The whole process takes about 60 minutes (Actual session: 45 mins + counselling).


Please book via URL below either Website or Google. Also you can contact below SMS/WhatsApp number.

Website Booking
Google Booking

– 90586720 (SMS/WhatsApp)


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  • We accept full payments by ChatTee Pay (10% ChatTee Coin Back Promotion).





✓セルライト ✓ボディメイク ✓部分痩せ ✓お腹 ✓太もも ✓二の腕


全行程約 60 分 (セッション: 45 mins + カウンセリング)



Website Booking
Google Booking

– 90586720 (SMS/WhatsApp)


<Opening promo>

全額ChatTee Payによる支払い可能です。 (10% コインバックプロモーション).



Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
- For first time customer
- uchidays Beauty Gym has the right to decide case by case if any issues arise.
- It is not valid with any other promotion and campaign.
- Advance booking is required via any URL above.


- 初回ご利用のお客様
- 他プロモーションとの併用不可
- 要事前予約