E-Gaya by Kappou Kenji

E-Gaya by Kappou Kenji features an array of tantalizing Nagoya Street Foods, with Nagoya Specialty, Donburi & Teishoku being the 3 main specialties. Be ready to drift away with appetizing Japanese dishes that using only the freshest and finest Japanese ingredients. It is a Japanese eatery with reasonably price and worth the value, you don’t need to break a bank to enjoy authentic Japanese food!

Wagyu More

All-you-can-eat Shabu Shabu Japanese restaurant. 10 flavourful soup bases to choose from, an endless flow of Japanese hot dishes, meatballs, fish, chicken, pork, beef, prawns, and freshly sliced premium meats like the world-famous Japanese A5 Wagyu beef and Spanish Iberico Pork upon order. It’s a feast for your eyes and your belly!

Teppan Kappou Kenji


Using only the freshest and finest seasonable ingredients, Chef Kenji Okumura has prepared an intriguing and creative menu comprising of his signature teppanyaki dishes.

Hailing from Ichinomiya, a city located in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, Chef Kenji Okumura started his career at the Kokusai Culinary School in Nagoya at the age of 19. He honed his skills in Kaiseki dining under the master chef at the illustrious Nadaman Japanese Restaurant in Nagoya Tokyu Hotel.

Now with Teppan Kappou (counter seating) Kenji, he hopes to introduce a new Japanese gourmet experience – one that is steeped in nuances of sophisticated Japanese multi-course meal but presented in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. Diners can enjoy the full display the chef’s culinary mastery and have intricate dishes with seasonal ingredients prepared right before their eyes.



As seasonality and quality of ingredients play an equally important role in Japanese cuisine, Chef Kenji Okumura takes pride in his carefully sourced ingredients. There is a rich selection of oysters from Iseshima, Ise Ebi and Akamoku seaweed from the Mie prefecture, Unagi from Shimanto and other fresh produce which are imported directly from Japan under the Omakase menu. These high-quality ingredients are personally sourced by Chef Okumura from his regular trips to Japan.

Famous personalities such as the Japanese emperor, Gorbachev and Wen Jiabao are some of the few distinguished diners who have enjoyed his Omakase menu.

He hopes diners at Teppan Kappou Kenji will be able to enjoy quality ingredients and traditional cooking style of Japanese cuisine without having to pay exorbitant prices.



Other than Chef Okamura’s exquisitely balanced Omakase-style menu, diners can also enjoy comforting Japanese hotpots. Among its many varieties are sukiyaki and shabu-shabu that would pair wonderfully with great Japanese beer and a specially curated range of sake and Japanese whisky.

Kappou’s decor is both intimate and sophisticated. Other than sitting at the chef’s table and watching the chef at work in traditional Kappou Style, you can also opt for greater privacy at the private dining room suitable for 14 pax.

For Kappou fans, there is nothing more delightful than the immediacy of traditional Kappo-Style dining and anticipating each dish by the chef working quietly behind the bar. At Teppan Kappou Kenji, you can enjoy a modern and evolutionary take on Japan’s most revered dining traditions.

Healthy Soba IKI

Our Soba is “Gluten Free Noodles”We import high quality organic buckwheat powder from Japan and make the soba in store, to serve you fresh,100% buckwheat.

How Our Soba Is Made

Handmade. Fresh. Delicious.

The Handmade Dough

We first mix the organic buckwheat powder with water. Next, we hand knead the dough until the dough is elastic and smooth in order to add strength to it. Each bowl of the soba is specifically weighed.

Made Fresh To Order

Once an order is made, we insert the dough into the machine where it compresses the dough into strands of soba and falls into the boiling water after it is cut.

Toss It!

The soba is cooked! Cold water is added to the soba to bring out the chewy texture of the soba. We then toss it to ensure that it does not become soggy.


The soba is ready! Let’s not forget the other ingredients that make the soba taste even better! Itadakimasu!

Chiharu Singapore by Tamaya

Our sushi restaurant ‘Chiharu’

From the chef

We are specialized in Edomae-sushi, and we serve up exquisite cuisine to share edomae-sushi with traditional technique.

We would like to present a spirit of Japanese culture, “simplicity” and “quietness” though serving Japanese food.

We welcome you and have an intimate dining experience.
Enjoy the Edomae-sushi at restaurant Chiharu.

Traditional technique from 150 years ago’

About Edomae-sushi

History and the birth of Edomae-sushi

Edo period,its about 150 years ago when there were no refrigeration technology at the time, Edommae-sushi was initially created.
Mainly all freshness ingredient are boiled,immersed in soy sauce, and cured with vinegar.
All methods enhance best taste and flavor much better than fresh ingredient with out all the process.
We prepare most prestigious Edomae-sushi using freshest fish with traditional technique of Edomae-sushi.

Tamaya Dining

The Authentic Izakaya Experience

About Tamaya Dining

Tamaya Dining serves a wide range of original Japanese ‘Izakaya’ menu from charcoal-grilled, ironpot rice to various dishes using seasonal ingredients. There is also a wide range of Japanese sake, shochu and wines where prices vary from a very reasonable price to premium prices that go along with your food.

Tamaya Dining offers some of the best Japanese Cuisine serving a tantalising collection of dishes that are suitable for family, large groups, catching up with friends and colleagues.

This restaurant is located in Cuppage Terrace along Cuppage Road. Tamaya Dining offers both classic and contemporary Japanese cuisines, as well as charcoal grilled dishes and western fare.

Indulge in their mouth-watering dishes such as Ikura Gunkan, Akami-zuke, Raw Tako, Negitoro Maki, Katsuo Zuke, Aburi Engawa, Shima-aji, Hotate, and Ootoro.

Yakiniku Jan Jan

The Authentic Japanese BBQ Experience

About Yakiniku Jan Jan

Enjoy authentic Japanese Yakiniku (BBQ) taste with the best quality! Counter seats with individual cooking stoves are available so that you can always enjoy Yakiniku on your own. Equipped with various size tables and semi-private rooms, groups and parties are welcome too!

Craving for a hearty plate of beef? Choices of US Beef to Japan Wagyu Beef are available at very reasonable prices.

Our Nami-karubi (Regular Chuck rib) is selling at only $12, which goes really well with our rice from koshihikari, Niigata, Japan.

Jo-karubi (Premium Chuck rib), with its delicate taste and tenderness, can be dipped in our special citrus flavored sauce that refreshes the palate with a hint of sweetness.

Gyoza no Ohsho

Old Japanese-Style Chinese Cuisine

About Gyoza Ohsho

At Ohsho, you will find the familiar authentic taste of old Japanese-style Chinese cuisine. We look forward to our diners finding their favorite dish on our plentiful menu of items handmade with quality choice ingredients.

We offer a fantastic selection of tantalizing popular menu items like gyoza, ramen, sautéed leek and pork liver, crab meat with egg fu yung style on rice and much more.

Exclusive menu such as stamina ramen, chili ramen and Tom yum ramen are also available which stimulate your energies to pull through this humid and hot weather in Singapore Various selection of set menus like ramen with fried rice, fried rice with dumplings are outstandingly value for money!

All items are available for take-away so that you can enjoy at home! Delivery services are also available with minimum spending of $200 on either lunch or dinner set.