Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

It’s been a rather difficult year for everyone, especially for the Moms out there who dealt with the impacts of the pandemic on their careers, family’s health and many more. So for Mother’s Day this year, ChatTee has compiled a list of gift ideas for every type of Mom out there- she deserves it. 

The Practical and Fierce Mom 

Ways to identify one: 

  • Nags at you to save money
  • Refuses to eat at places that charge you for parking 
  • Absolutely will not pick you up if your location is not along the way


  • Scrimps and saves up whenever she can for your future
  • Hardly spends on herself
  • Dedicates her time and energy to care for her family

Best gifts for her:

  • Do all the house chores for the day or run all her errands for her

As much as we dread doing the mundane chores, Mom will certainly appreciate having the burden lifted for just a day. Get all the boring tasks out of the way and spend the rest of the day connecting over a family meal or fun activity. 

  • Treat her to a good quality meal that won’t burn a hole in your wallet

Men-ya Kaiko is a cozy ramen house that serves flavorful and affordable ramen for under $20 per item. Moreover, they offer vegetarian options for those who are unable to have meat but still wish to enjoy the decadence of Japanese ramen. Be sure to use ChatTee app to redeem vouchers and exclusive deals! As Men-ya Kaiko is located in Marina Bay Financial Centre, feel free to take Mom on a stroll along the bay to enjoy Singapore’s world-renowned view.

The Cool Mom

Ways to identify one: 

  • Picks up online slang (and uses it)
  • Comments on all of your Instagram photos
  • Hates it when your friends call her “Auntie”
  • Is willing to learn new things 


  • She spends time trying to understand and connect with you 
  • Tries to see things from your perspective
  • She is present and involved in your life

Best gifts for her:

  • Get her a package for workout classes/ bring her to experience new things

The best way to show Mom you love her is to look after her health. Given her spontaneous and open-minded personality, this is surely something she would enjoy! If possible, take time out of your busy schedule to go with her and have some bonding time. If not, planning a picnic or a short hike in one of Singapore’s nature reserves is another affordable and fun way to celebrate.

  • Have a drink together

Being a mom is a full-time job, and they can rarely catch a break to take a breather. This Mother’s Day, take the time to let her slow down with a glass of sake with her meal. Dosukoi x Donpachi Japanese Izakaya Dining & Sake Bar is a quaint Izakaya with an exquisite selection of sake to choose from. The warm lighting and ambiance really give a comforting and relaxing vibe, perfect for the occasion. Enjoy 10% Coinback with ChatTee app to make this experience even more worthwhile this Mother’s day.

The Sentimental Mom

Ways to identify one: 

  • Tells you your cooking is good but politely declines a second serving
  • Displays photos of you all over the house
  • Cries at every K-drama she watches


  • Tries her best to be firm with you when you make mistakes (despite not wanting to hurt your feelings)
  • Never complains about the hardships she goes through

Best gifts for her:

  • Make her a scrapbook to add to her photo album collection

Every sentimental Mom is sure to appreciate a heartfelt gift. Take the time to make a pretty scrapbook encapsulating all the good memories you made together, and she might just shed a tear!

  • Wine 

Enjoy premium wine tastings by Chief Sommelier and co-founder Daisuke Kawai at La Terre while having a nice heart-to-heart talk with Mom. This hidden space provides a quiet getaway from the hectic urban life of Singapore, allowing her to have the full experience. You can be sure to enjoy the best wine experience with La Terre, making this Mother’s Day experience one of the best ones Mom has ever had. 

Happy Mother’s Day from ChatTee!