How to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Style

Every day is Mother’s Day for us but with the dedicated Mother’s Day coming just around the corner, let’s take a moment to plan and celebrate your mother. ChatTee has a few pieces of advice for you to celebrate your Mother’s Day in style and show how much you love and respect her this year.

Get matching mother and daughter manicures.

Let’s get creative with ways to express your love for mom on her fingernails by getting a matching set of nails of your mom’s favourite color. It can be done at home with a DIY manicure kit or bring your mom to a pampering session at a nail salon.

If you opt for the second, ChatTee got you covered. At Finger Spa & Beauty Palace, you can get an exclusive deal with ChatTee coupon for classic manicure-pedicure with foot scrub at only $30 and even free foot spa for first-time customers! 

It’s a spa day.

Spa is also a SPAtacular choice to pamper your mom. There is a wide range of spa services and experiences such as facial, massage, aromantic, scrub, etc but ChatTee recommends Herbal Sitz Bath “La Cage” at Queen’s Market.

What is Herbal Sitz Bath “La Cage”?

It detoxes the body, relieves female disorders, and promotes excess sweating by simulating a sauna environment in a tent through herbal steam. Carefully selected herb vapor is absorbed directly into the uterine mucosa and whole body,  promoting sweating by warming the insides of the body. 

Just let your mom sit on the chair inside the tent with a bottle of water and a towel. The soothing and comforting 20-minute session has the benefits of detoxification, minimizing insomnia, improving blood circulation, skincare, fatigue recovery, and slimming.

Use ChatTee coupon to get $35 “La Cage” Herbal Sitz Bath (usual price: $70).

Walk down/Ride bike memory lane with her.

Relive your mom’s childhood by walking down or cycling with her around the area where she used to live or spend most of her time during her childhood or before becoming a mother. Get her to share the stories of her glorious past together with the family.

Plan a picnic.

Apart from indulging in reminiscence with your mom, going on a family picnic is also a lighthearted way to celebrate the day. Just keep your phones away and appreciate the family time together.

To celebrate the perfect Mother’s Day, ChatTee recommends some of the perfect picnic spots:

With Kids?Pasir Ris Park
Got wheels?East Coast Park
Got Dogs?Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park
Stay in the West?West Coast Park/Jurong Lake Gardens
City Skyline View?Marina Barrage
Flora & Fauna?MacRitchie Reservoir
Romance?Botanic Gardens
History?Fort Canning Park
Night Time?Bay East Garden

Handcrafted Gift

Thinking of gifting your mom for the day? Gifting mom something you made with your own hands shows how much you love your mother through the time, effort and thoughts you put into the gift.

It doesn’t have to be a pro crafter or need a high level of sophistication. As long as it’s made with love, moms will truly appreciate it.

The handcrafted gift can be a scarf, origami paper- a box of paper crane or glass of wishing stars, painting or cross-stitch.

Fun Photoshoot

Speaking of handcrafted gifts, a gift to remember is a lovely photograph of a mother and her family capturing the loving relationship. It can be a fancy photoshoot at a studio or simply a homemade one. With today’s smartphones, they can produce decent photogenic photographics with little effort. ChatTee has a few tips for you to get the best possible homemade photoshoot of Mother’s Day.

  • Make use of natural light wherever you can. It can produce beautiful soft light that can really make your photos pop.
  • Incorporate the surrounding environment of your home in the shot. The subjects from the environment give extra rich content to the story of the photo.
  • Don’t aim for perfect, aim for real. It doesn’t have to be a serious photoshoot. Goofy faces or lighthearted jokes can lighten up the mood and make everyone smile. Let the scene happen and be ready to capture the moments as they happen.  
  • Take lots of pictures. Like a lot! It never goes wrong to have so many options to choose from.