3 Simple Ways To Pamper Mom This Mother’s Day Without Breaking The Bank

It’s never the wrong time to show your mom how much you love her- from years ago when she spent her days poring through parenting books to when her days mostly consisted ferrying you up and down from school. However, Mother’s Day is an especially perfect occasion to express your gratitude, and what better way is there to do so than give her a proper pamper day? With Mother’s Day just around the corner, this list of activities surely will not disappoint. 

  • Take her to a beauty salon for a relaxing and invigorating experience.

We know all too well that mothers might just be the most hardworking people on the planet. Like most Singaporean mothers might lament, “raising children makes them age twice as fast”, so taking her to an aesthetics clinic like Body Spark  or a hair salon like TAKE Hair Salon may be just what she needs. Body Spark offers a plethora of beauty services from IPL hair removal to teeth whitening and intricate manicures. With the ChatTee app, you can redeem exclusive coupons and receive treatments like S$98 (U.P S$125 ~ 258) for a Japanese IPL Hair Removal session, Japanese Painless LED Teeth Whitening for $68 (U.P $140) , Organic Full Back Whitening Treatment for S$125 (UP: S$190), Eye Treatment for just S$88 (UP: S$120), S$138 Customised Facial, IPL Whitening Facial (or) Facial Massage and many more.

Enjoy 10% Off for All Set Menu with the ChatTee mobile app when you bring Mom (and maybe yourself) for a beautiful and therapeutic hair session with TAKE Hair Salon, where the Director TAKE himself showcases his passion and love for this craft.

  • Connect with Mom over a hearty meal.

Though everybody would love to enjoy a scrumptious and luxurious meal, it would be odd if Mom did not nag at us for spending more money on her than necessary. However, with ChatTee you can rest assured that none of that nagging reaches your ears. Teppan Kappou Kenji offers an exquisitely balanced Omakase-style menu, as well as comforting Japanese hotpots so you can savour the luxurious experience without the guilt. Use ChatTee to claim 10% Coinback, a 1 for 1 Beer or Soft-drink or Free Seasonal Appetiser – certainly making this meal one your mum will love!

Another great alternative would be Tamaya Dining, located along the colourful row of shophouses at Cuppage Terrace.  For the sashimi and sushi-loving moms, Tamaya Dining is the perfect place to go! Not only do they have a diverse menu for all to savour, they offer Fried Chicken Karaage, Ika Rings (Fried Calamari) and Tamago Yaki (Seasoned Egg Roll) vouchers in collaboration with ChatTee! Don’t forget to claim 5% coinback.

  • Bring her for fun activities to wind down and relieve stress.

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Last but not least, bringing Mom for new experiences like a calming art jam session or DIY crafting class can act as a fun and laid-back activity for this year’s Mother’s Day. Given the COVID -19 occurring, you can be sure that Mom has had a rough and rather stressful year so far, so take the few hours to really bond and be creative with your artworks!

Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

It’s been a rather difficult year for everyone, especially for the Moms out there who dealt with the impacts of the pandemic on their careers, family’s health and many more. So for Mother’s Day this year, ChatTee has compiled a list of gift ideas for every type of Mom out there- she deserves it. 

The Practical and Fierce Mom 

Ways to identify one: 

  • Nags at you to save money
  • Refuses to eat at places that charge you for parking 
  • Absolutely will not pick you up if your location is not along the way


  • Scrimps and saves up whenever she can for your future
  • Hardly spends on herself
  • Dedicates her time and energy to care for her family

Best gifts for her:

  • Do all the house chores for the day or run all her errands for her

As much as we dread doing the mundane chores, Mom will certainly appreciate having the burden lifted for just a day. Get all the boring tasks out of the way and spend the rest of the day connecting over a family meal or fun activity. 

  • Treat her to a good quality meal that won’t burn a hole in your wallet

Men-ya Kaiko is a cozy ramen house that serves flavorful and affordable ramen for under $20 per item. Moreover, they offer vegetarian options for those who are unable to have meat but still wish to enjoy the decadence of Japanese ramen. Be sure to use ChatTee app to redeem vouchers and exclusive deals! As Men-ya Kaiko is located in Marina Bay Financial Centre, feel free to take Mom on a stroll along the bay to enjoy Singapore’s world-renowned view.

The Cool Mom

Ways to identify one: 

  • Picks up online slang (and uses it)
  • Comments on all of your Instagram photos
  • Hates it when your friends call her “Auntie”
  • Is willing to learn new things 


  • She spends time trying to understand and connect with you 
  • Tries to see things from your perspective
  • She is present and involved in your life

Best gifts for her:

  • Get her a package for workout classes/ bring her to experience new things

The best way to show Mom you love her is to look after her health. Given her spontaneous and open-minded personality, this is surely something she would enjoy! If possible, take time out of your busy schedule to go with her and have some bonding time. If not, planning a picnic or a short hike in one of Singapore’s nature reserves is another affordable and fun way to celebrate.

  • Have a drink together

Being a mom is a full-time job, and they can rarely catch a break to take a breather. This Mother’s Day, take the time to let her slow down with a glass of sake with her meal. Dosukoi x Donpachi Japanese Izakaya Dining & Sake Bar is a quaint Izakaya with an exquisite selection of sake to choose from. The warm lighting and ambiance really give a comforting and relaxing vibe, perfect for the occasion. Enjoy 10% Coinback with ChatTee app to make this experience even more worthwhile this Mother’s day.

The Sentimental Mom

Ways to identify one: 

  • Tells you your cooking is good but politely declines a second serving
  • Displays photos of you all over the house
  • Cries at every K-drama she watches


  • Tries her best to be firm with you when you make mistakes (despite not wanting to hurt your feelings)
  • Never complains about the hardships she goes through

Best gifts for her:

  • Make her a scrapbook to add to her photo album collection

Every sentimental Mom is sure to appreciate a heartfelt gift. Take the time to make a pretty scrapbook encapsulating all the good memories you made together, and she might just shed a tear!

  • Wine 

Enjoy premium wine tastings by Chief Sommelier and co-founder Daisuke Kawai at La Terre while having a nice heart-to-heart talk with Mom. This hidden space provides a quiet getaway from the hectic urban life of Singapore, allowing her to have the full experience. You can be sure to enjoy the best wine experience with La Terre, making this Mother’s Day experience one of the best ones Mom has ever had. 

Happy Mother’s Day from ChatTee!

How to Celebrate Mother’s Day in Style

Every day is Mother’s Day for us but with the dedicated Mother’s Day coming just around the corner, let’s take a moment to plan and celebrate your mother. ChatTee has a few pieces of advice for you to celebrate your Mother’s Day in style and show how much you love and respect her this year.

Get matching mother and daughter manicures.

Let’s get creative with ways to express your love for mom on her fingernails by getting a matching set of nails of your mom’s favourite color. It can be done at home with a DIY manicure kit or bring your mom to a pampering session at a nail salon.

If you opt for the second, ChatTee got you covered. At Finger Spa & Beauty Palace, you can get an exclusive deal with ChatTee coupon for classic manicure-pedicure with foot scrub at only $30 and even free foot spa for first-time customers! 

It’s a spa day.

Spa is also a SPAtacular choice to pamper your mom. There is a wide range of spa services and experiences such as facial, massage, aromantic, scrub, etc but ChatTee recommends Herbal Sitz Bath “La Cage” at Queen’s Market.

What is Herbal Sitz Bath “La Cage”?

It detoxes the body, relieves female disorders, and promotes excess sweating by simulating a sauna environment in a tent through herbal steam. Carefully selected herb vapor is absorbed directly into the uterine mucosa and whole body,  promoting sweating by warming the insides of the body. 

Just let your mom sit on the chair inside the tent with a bottle of water and a towel. The soothing and comforting 20-minute session has the benefits of detoxification, minimizing insomnia, improving blood circulation, skincare, fatigue recovery, and slimming.

Use ChatTee coupon to get $35 “La Cage” Herbal Sitz Bath (usual price: $70).

Walk down/Ride bike memory lane with her.

Relive your mom’s childhood by walking down or cycling with her around the area where she used to live or spend most of her time during her childhood or before becoming a mother. Get her to share the stories of her glorious past together with the family.

Plan a picnic.

Apart from indulging in reminiscence with your mom, going on a family picnic is also a lighthearted way to celebrate the day. Just keep your phones away and appreciate the family time together.

To celebrate the perfect Mother’s Day, ChatTee recommends some of the perfect picnic spots:

With Kids?Pasir Ris Park
Got wheels?East Coast Park
Got Dogs?Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park
Stay in the West?West Coast Park/Jurong Lake Gardens
City Skyline View?Marina Barrage
Flora & Fauna?MacRitchie Reservoir
Romance?Botanic Gardens
History?Fort Canning Park
Night Time?Bay East Garden

Handcrafted Gift

Thinking of gifting your mom for the day? Gifting mom something you made with your own hands shows how much you love your mother through the time, effort and thoughts you put into the gift.

It doesn’t have to be a pro crafter or need a high level of sophistication. As long as it’s made with love, moms will truly appreciate it.

The handcrafted gift can be a scarf, origami paper- a box of paper crane or glass of wishing stars, painting or cross-stitch.

Fun Photoshoot

Speaking of handcrafted gifts, a gift to remember is a lovely photograph of a mother and her family capturing the loving relationship. It can be a fancy photoshoot at a studio or simply a homemade one. With today’s smartphones, they can produce decent photogenic photographics with little effort. ChatTee has a few tips for you to get the best possible homemade photoshoot of Mother’s Day.

  • Make use of natural light wherever you can. It can produce beautiful soft light that can really make your photos pop.
  • Incorporate the surrounding environment of your home in the shot. The subjects from the environment give extra rich content to the story of the photo.
  • Don’t aim for perfect, aim for real. It doesn’t have to be a serious photoshoot. Goofy faces or lighthearted jokes can lighten up the mood and make everyone smile. Let the scene happen and be ready to capture the moments as they happen.  
  • Take lots of pictures. Like a lot! It never goes wrong to have so many options to choose from.

4 Restaurants to Visit for Mother’s Day Celebration

You would have prepared a gorgeous gift for your mother and also planned to celebrate Mother’s Day in style. Next comes choosing a restaurant to make the occasion more memorable and enjoyable. Let ChatTee recommend 4 restaurants to visit for an exclusive dining experience.

Tamaya Dining たまや

Located in Cuppage Terrace along Cuppage Road, Tamaya Dining is a hidden gem for authentic Japanese Izakaya. It offers some of the best Japanese Cuisine serving a tantalising collection of dishes that are suitable for family and large groups. Indulge in their mouth-watering dishes such as Ikura Gunkan, Akami-zuke, Raw Tako, Negitoro Maki, Katsuo Zuke, Aburi Engawa, Shima-aji, Hotate, and Ootoro. To go along with the food, there is also a wide range of Japanese sake, shochu and wines where prices vary from a very reasonable price to premium prices.

Tamaya Dining
45 Cuppage Terrace, Singapore 229464
+65 6835 3539, +65 9101 3407

With ChatTee app, you can redeem Fried Chicken Karaage, Ika Rings (Fried Calamari) and Tamago Yaki (Seasoned Egg Roll)! Don’t forget to claim 5% Coinback when you checkout.

Sushi Chiharu 鮨千陽

There is actually another concept to Tamaya Dining. It is partnered with Sushi Chiharu 鮨千陽 from Osaka Japan, a Michelin-recommended Bib Gourmand restaurant. 

Sushi Chiharu specialised in Edomae-sushi which is a traditional technique of making sushi about 150 years ago when there was no refrigeration to store seafood. The fresh ingredients are boiled, immersed in soy sauce, and cured with vinegar, enhancing best taste and flavor.

The chefs are from Japan and there is even a Japanese female sushi chef in the team, which is quite rare even in Japan. 

At Sushi Chiharu, we are sure your mom will have intimate dining experience with the family within the spirit of Japanese culture.

Sushi Chiharu 鮨千陽
45 Cuppage Road, Cuppage Terrace, Tamaya Dining Sushi Counter, S229464
+65 6835 3539

Yakiniku Jan Jan

Family time is BBQ time! Just next to Tamaya Dining, Yakiniku Jan Jan has choices of US Beef to Japan Wagyu Beef available at very reasonable prices. Families can share and enjoy delectable dishes in a comfortable and relaxed setting. Nami-karubi (Regular Chuck rib) is selling at only $12, which goes really well with the rice from koshihikari, Niigata, Japan.

Jo-karubi (Premium Chuck rib), with its delicate taste and tenderness, can be dipped in special citrus flavored sauce that refreshes the palate with a hint of sweetness.

Yakiniku Jan Jan
43 Cuppage Rd, Singapore 229463
+65 6908 9968

You can also redeem free Kimchi with ChatTee app. Don’t forget to get 5% Coinback when you checkout.

D.O.P Mozzarella Bar & Restaurant

Apart from the Japanese cuisines, we also have an authentic Italian restaurant on the list. Celebrate your Mother’s Day with ultimate dining experience like no other at D.O.P Mozzarella. The owner, Luca Iannone came from the unique Mozzarella di Bufala Denomination di Origin (D.O.P. , otherwise known as protected origin denomination). The ingredients are from the very best farms and cheesemakers, who milk their own herds and produce superior mozzarella cheese with the characteristic of porcelain white shine, milky texture and distinctive taste. The restaurant also makes its own burratina (made from mozzarella and cream and smaller than a burrata) every three days.

D.O.P Mozzarella Bar & Restaurant
60 Robertson Quay, #01-04A, The Quayside, Singapore 238252
+65 6908 0830

The food and wines served here are quite affordable. 10% OFF coupon is available with ChatTee app.


Prefer a small celebration at home instead? We also got that covered for you. You can pick up food from the above mentioned restaurants: Tamaya Dining, Sushi Chiharu, Yakiniku Jan Jan at https://tamaya.chattee.reviews/. There is delivery service directly to your vehicle at the drive thru point, so you don’t need to step out from your vehicle.

At the checkout page, with ChatTee app, you can earn 5% Coinback or even use ChatTee Pay to make payment.

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