BIJIRI LAB -Beautiful Buttocks Specialty Aesthetics-

BIJIRI LAB -Beautiful Buttocks Specialty Aesthetics-

It is difficult to take care of fat and cellulite, no matter how carefully you take care of your buttocks by maintaining the muscles and training your posture. It is also true that dark spots, acne scars and roughness can hardly be improved by self-care.

BIJIRI LAB is the only aesthetic salon in Singapore specialising in buttocks treatments to help you achieve your ideal buttocks.

At BIJIRI LAB, we process beautiful buttocks to create a beautiful body line and provide consultation on your body that you have been struggling with alone to achieve your ideal body.

筋肉の維持や姿勢をトレーニングでどれだけ気をつけてお尻をケアしても、脂肪やセルライトのケアはなかなか難しいものです。また、黒ずみ、ニキビ跡、ザラザラなどセルフケアでは改善されづらいのも事実です。そんな女性のお悩みを解決する美尻専門エステBIJIRI LAB。

シンガポールで唯一のBIJIRI SPECIALISTがお尻に特化した至福のエステで理想の美尻メイキングを叶えます。


BIJIRI LABでは、世の女性の魅力的なお尻づくりをサポートいたします。

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Our carefully chosen and highly trained staff is here to exceed your expectations. The same goes for our elegant salon space —dedicated to guest comfort — and our devotion to innovation and artistry. We’re focused on making your day and continually raising the bar.

We are also proud to align with Skin Health Aesthetics’s mission of ethical and sustainable business practices and its high-fashion aesthetic. We share Skin Health Aesthetics’s exceptional standards of quality products, treatments, and guest care, and everything we do reflects the standards of our Skin Health Aesthetics salon.