The Beauty Bar

The Story of The Beauty Bar

The Beauty Bar was set up with the goal of unleashing the inner charm inside every individual. Confidence is very important, especially in a fast growing society like Singapore.

Committed to the craft of beauty in every aspect, The Beauty Bar offers a one-of-a-kind experience which immediately makes a person feel confident, comfortable and welcome. Our professional and dedicated team is proficient in several techniques of:

  • SHR Hair Removal
  • Waxing
  • DPL Facial
  • Skin Lightening Service
  • Eyebrow Embroidery
  • Teeth Whitening

It is our sole mission to listen to what is essential to our clients: design a unique style around their face shape and lifestyle, and employ only the most advanced and state-of-the-art technology.

Here at The Beauty Bar, our team are uniquely talented. They are professionally trained to offer effective, relaxing and effective beauty services.

Queen’s Market

“Queen’s Market believes beauty come from having a good healthy body, hence we want to improve your beauty by that too.

— Queen’s Market

Our consultant will review your concerns and help to improve and balance your system inside out.

By rejuvenating your cell which will helps in improve your skin condition. This is helps by improving of the blood flow and lymph flow. Plus, the expelling of unnecessary waste in your body such as additives and relief the build up stress from everyday life.

Accordingly to what yours’ concern is, such as daily damage to your skin from UV rays, obesity due to age, stress from surround circumstances and etc… We will propose the correct procedure to take care of it.

Arzu Aesthetic & Beauty Emporium

Our ladies-only beauty salon promises to smooth, hydrate and brighten your skin in a homely comfortable and relaxing environment.

The age old secret to looking smoother and glowier isn’t at the bottom of a jar – it’s at Arzu Aesthetic & Beauty Emporium !

All you need is a visit to any of our two locations and experience rich repertoire of signature massage therapy, body treatment and facial care.

Whether you’re interested in basic facial treatments or more advanced procedures, we are here to take care of you. Established in 2011 with the sole purpose of bringing the benefits of beauty treatments to one and all, we have been constantly evolving to meet the growing needs of our clients. Other than facials, today we offer various other services like waxing, hair treatment, threading & shaping etc.

The benefits that are obtained from having a good beauty treatment are extensive, not only offering an ideal way to relax but also to solve any skin issues. In comfortable and relaxing surroundings, we will treat your skin using suitable products to keep your skin smooth and clear. If you have problem skin, we will focus on these issues and aim to provide a solution to ensure they no longer cause a problem.

Many people swear by the effectiveness of their favorite facial treatments, but they can often be quite pricey, which is why at Arzu Aesthetic & Beauty Emporium, I promise to take care of your skin and money. Enhance your beauty without breaking the bank with one of our awesome treatments.

Yeah Skin & Body Management

Yeah Skin & Body Management, a Beauty factory that offers one-stop skin & body solution, fuelled by dedication and passion. We offer a wide range of Korea & Japan skin care treatment, as well as body management to cater your needs.

“We take provide the highest 5 stars service quality at affordable price,” 

A trusted beauty specialist which applied trusted technology and products from Japan & Korea, aim to provide safe and visible treatment results to our customers. Customers satisfaction is the goal of Yeah Skin & Body Management.

Indulge with our variety of treatment with professional care coming from a well-trained team. We have a solid core business management team with more than 35 years of experience, equip themselves with the latest and most innovative technology & skills sets, combining the effectiveness of Medical Aesthetics with luxurious spa facials, ensuring our services culminate in visible and lasting results.

Our Mission

To provide high customer satisfaction and effective products to enhance customer’s physical appearance relaxing atmosphere at an affordable price

Our Vision

A one stop beauty centre that specialise in all skin & body solutions to cater all needs

YL Beauty Aesthetics

At YL Beauty Aesthetic, we are really good at listening and we’ve been doing a lot of that for more than 10 years to achieving and maintaining beauty goals for our customers.Combining the best in Korean skincare technology and our unique technique, either facial or body treatment is definitely a go-to if you are concerned with signs of ageing, dullness, excessive body fat, unwanted body hair, and saggy breasts. All our products and machines are 100% superior grade and of quality imported directly from Korea, charging at value prices with no injection, no surgeries and no side effects at all.We constantly strive to give customers the best professionalism, offering genuine advices and effective solutions.

Elegance Beauty & Scalp Centre

Look and feel elegant with beautifying treatments at Elegance Beauty & Scalp Centre. With nourishing scalp treatments and more, clients get to pamper themselves while restoring the health of their body. Elegance Beauty & Scalp Centre prides themself in using natural Chinese health herbs that are brewed.

Beleaf Beauty

Regain confidence with beauty treatments at Beleaf Beauty. With services like skin rejunvenation, whitening, pigmentation, eye treatments, and more, clients can receive services that will meet their needs accordingly.

Lavish Beauty

Look and feel refreshed with beauty and nourishing treatments by Lavish Beauty. From treatments like massages and even eyelash perming, clients can rest and relax while getting beautified. Leave with a new and improved look as well as a rejuvenated body.

Skin Health Aesthetics

Our carefully chosen and highly trained staff is here to exceed your expectations. The same goes for our elegant salon space —dedicated to guest comfort — and our devotion to innovation and artistry. We’re focused on making your day and continually raising the bar.

We are also proud to align with Skin Health Aesthetics’s mission of ethical and sustainable business practices and its high-fashion aesthetic. We share Skin Health Aesthetics’s exceptional standards of quality products, treatments, and guest care, and everything we do reflects the standards of our Skin Health Aesthetics salon.

Sense De Belle

Sensedebelle is the perfect haven to achieve aesthetic results with pampering hands and caring hearts. Obsession with perfection and overall well being motivates us to constantly upgrade our equipment and skill set without losing the personal touch.