1. Do I need to register for an account in order to use the review site?

No. You can browse our review site without an account. But for the mobile application, you are required registration to enjoy all the features that we offer.

2. How can I delete my account?

We are sorry for the inconvenience. We are currently working  on the features.

3. I forget my secret key. What can you do for me?

We are sorry for the inconvenience. We are working on this feature.

4. What is the rank?

For every TEE-coin(TEC) you spent, you can get miles. You will be ranked according to your accumulated miles in the following categories: Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond. We offer some special coupons that you can purchase when your rank is Platinum and Diamond.

5. Can I change my account information?

Yes. You can change your account information in [Account] section.

6. I lost my smartphone. What should I do?

We are sorry to hear that. As long as you know your ID/PW and secret key, you can recover your status such as your coupons, TEE-coin (TEC) and so on by logging in with the same account information.


1. What makes this review site different from others?

ChatTee will be a review reward system that gives TEE-coins when a review is written. Using blockchain and artificial intelligence(AI) technology, it will filter out sham and offensive reviews, allowing true reviews to be posted.

2. Where can I download the application?

Please click on the link below to download the application.

3. How can I refer to my friends?

You can find a referral code in [Account] section. Send or share the code to your friend and let him/her input when they install ChatTee.

4. Why should I use ChatTee?

There are many review sites in the market to access a merchant’s information, but there is no verification that these reviews are genuine. ChatTee uses blockchain technology as a base for its review system. It can access the credibility of the review as the data stored on blockchains cannot be tempered with. An Artificial Intelligence (AI) filtering system is included to weed out unethical and offensive reviews.

5. What happen if I forgot my secret key?

You cannot transfer your account to other devices. And once you lost your secret key, you cannot recover your TEE-coin(TEC).


1. How do I get coupons?

There is two ways to get coupons. 1. Use the notification function. When you are near a shop that is in our ecosystem, a coupon is sent to you via bluetooth. You can get it by tapping [Get a coupon] button. 2. You can buy coupons in [Coupon Market] section. We also offer coupons that only certain ranked users can buy.

2. How do I use the coupons?

Go to the shop where you want to use your coupon. Open the [Coupon] section below the display and tap the coupon. Tap the [Read QR code] button and scan the QR code the shop provides and show the shop staff the “Successful” message on screen.

3. Can I refund the coupon?

Sorry. We don’t refund coupons.”Successful” message on screen.

4. Does a coupon has an expiry date?

It depends on the coupon. The expiry date is shown in the coupon details.

5. Can I give a coupon to my friend?

Sorry. You cannot give a coupon to your friend.

6. Can I buy a coupon on behalf of my friend?

You can buy a coupon. But when your friend use it, you need to be there to scan the QR code to redeem it.


1. How can I write the reviews?

You can find [Write review] in each shop section.

2. What kind of content can I write on the review site?

You can write what you feel about the shop, service and so on with decent manner.

3. Can I post photos on the review?

Yes, of course you can.

4. Install theme demo contents

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5. Can I link the review site to my social media accounts?

We are sorry for inconvenience. We are currently working on this feature.

6. Can I post videos on the review?

Yes, of course you can.

7. How do you find sham reviews?

With the power of AI. We analyse every reviews and distinguish unproper ones.


1. Can I register my favourite restaurant/bar/shop?

Sorry, you can’t for now. Our development team is working on the feature right now.

2. How can I register my shop?

Please contact our sales team with the link below. You will be able to register by yourself in the near future.

3. How can I check the shops in other countries?

Tap [See all] link in the [Near by] section. Then, tap [Change location] and search the place where you want.

4. I found some wrong information on the site. Whom I should report it to?

Thank you for your cooperation. Contact us

5. How can I filter shops?

Enter the shop list and tap the filter icon at right-upper corner.


1. How does a review link to TEE-coin?

TEE-coin is the cryptocurrency that is given out when reviews had been posted. It can be used at participating merchants to get a discount or a better deal.

2. Where can I use TEE-coins?

Please click on the link below to find out more about the participating merchants.

3. How do I get TEE-coin (TEC)?

You can get Tee-coin(TEC) by installing app, referring to your friends, reviewing shops, tipped from other users, buying coupons and transfered from somenody else.

4. What is TEE-coin(TEC)

Tee-coin(TEC) is a crypto currency that is based on blockchain technology.

5. How much is 1 TEE-coin (TEC)?

Our current estimation is USD0.002  (January 2019)

6. Does my TEE-coin expire?

No, it doesn’t.

7. Can I refund my TEE-coin(TEC)?

You cannot refund your TEE-coin(TEC)

8. How long does it take to get TEE-coin(TEC) after I wrote a review?

You can get TEE-coin immediately.

9. How can I transfer my TEE-Coin to my friend?

You cannot transfer now. Our development team is working on the issue.

10. Developer documentation

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