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Are you spending too much money on technology, advertising and promotions, but it doesn’t give much result?

Well, you are not alone. Many merchants do not have the expertise in the technology and may of them do not realise that before they advertise or do promotion they need to setup a lot of mechanism to convert the potential client to the fan of your products or services.

Did you know that by maintaining 20% of your customers base as your loyal customers, they can contribute up to 66% of your sales and the cost to get new customer is 5x more than retaining one? And did you know that many of ChatTee solutions do not require our merchants to come out with up front fee?

Talk to us now to find out how we can help you to convert your customer into your loyal customers with range of ChatTee Loyalty Rewards Program, Digital Presence, and Marketing Tools.



Our Solutions

Chattee Life

Loyalty Rewards Program

ChatTee can provide many incentives so your clients will be engaged and will want to visit your shop again.

  • ※ Coinback: User will get coinback when they shop at your site, whether it’s physical or online site.
  • ※ Check-in: User can get coin by visiting and viewing your shop information and deals
  • ※ Daily events and games on ChatTee to keep the user engaged.
  • ※ Coupon marketing: Issue coupons to users to entice them to keep on coming back.
  • ※ ChatTee Pay: Allow user to accumulate coin and make full payment with their coins.


Video Marketing and Influencer Marketing

We provide video ideation and production and worked with social media influencers to promote Japanese restaurants, beauty salons, and brands. Please contact us if you would like to create content or explore influencer marketing for your platform.



e-Commerce Site

We provide full fledge e-Commerce site development integrated with the Coinback and Credit card payment, ChatTee Pay features.

  • ※ Pick-up and delivery management: Suitable for merchants with actual physical or digital product.
  • ※ No expertise required: We set up the server and site for you. All you need to do is to upload the product catalog.
  • ※ No up front and maintenance fee: No up front or monthly bill, pay per sale.



Zoom meeting Reservation Site

We provide full fledge Zoom meeting reservation site integrated with the Coinback, Credit card payment, and ChatTee Pay features.

  • ※ Services industry: Suitable for merchants who provide consultation, tutoring, art and performances, or other services.
  • ※ No expertise required: We set up the server and site for you. All you need to do is to gather people with similar profession and have each of them to sign-up.
  • ※ Save cost: Only one business zoom account is required, individuals do not need to purchase zoom account separately.



Incentivised Traffic

Reach out our users by utilising our tools to build or bring in traffic to your physical or online sites.

  • ※ Coin incentivised traffic: We can bring in traffic by incentivising our user with coin.
  • ※ Location based e-Coupon : Publish e-coupons with to specific users at specific time at specific location
  • ※ Gamification: Join us in event where we bring in users to your site via games like treasure hunt utilising our Check-in function.


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