Play Game and Get Prizes

Play Game and Get Prizes
August 20, 2020

It’s time to let the fun begin with ChatTee’s new minigame and win exciting prizes. Simply exchange your TEE-Coin (TEC) with in-game token 🔆 and play the game and you will have a chance to win up to 1,000 🔆 in jackpot game.  You can exchange 🔆 with plenty of rewards such as NTUC vouchers, Polar Puff vouchers in Singapore location, and Amazon gift code and many other e-Vouchers in Japan location.

How to play the game?

Update the app to the latest version.

Tap on the Jackpot Game under Big Earn section of the Earn tab.

ChatTee_Jackpot_Big Earn

To top up the 🔆 token, tap on Purchase 🔆 and select the amount of 🔆 you want to purchase with your TEE-Coin (TEC). 🔆 is a token used to play the game. You can purchase 🔆 with your TEC, but please note that 🔆 purchased cannot be converted back to TEC.

You can select the amount of token you want to use to play the game.

ChatTee Jackpot_Play

The more the tokens, the higher the rewards you can win from the game.

Jackpot 1000

Now you can exchange your winnings 🔆 with the prizes.

Tap on the Prizes to see the available coupons/vouchers. Select the prize of your choice and purchase.

ChatTee Jackpot_PrizesChatTee Prizes

To redeem the prize, check Wallet > Coupon > Redeem.

ChatTee_Wallet TabChatTee_Available Coupons

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