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  • Recruiting for ChatTee Evangelists

    As you may be aware, ChatTee has released the Coinback and the ChatTee full payment features in some prominent shops…

  • TEE-coin Bonus Wallet

    Good news to all TEE-coin investors and believers! We are now releasing a new ‘Bonus Wallet’ feature so you can…

  • 10 Weeks of Killiney Kopitiam Coupons!

    https://www.facebook.com/ChatTeeReview/posts/2247344255575461 https://www.facebook.com/ChatTeeReview/photos/a.1939948096315080/2232042300438990/ https://www.facebook.com/ChatTeeReview/photos/a.1939948096315080/2228385374138016/ https://www.facebook.com/ChatTeeReview/photos/a.1939948096315080/2222749541368266/ https://www.facebook.com/ChatTeeReview/photos/a.1939948096315080/2219760465000507/  

  • Chattee Take-Away Coupons

    ChatTee Take-Away Coupons

    IT’S HERE. Our ChatTee Take-away coupons!! We understand how you felt the cravings for Japanese food featured in our previous…