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At ChatTee, we want to solve the biggest problem in loyalty and rewards program: inflexibility.

There are just too many loyalty and rewards program in the market. Typically it can only be used in the particular shop or merchant, non transferable, and also has expiry date. Users also have limited choices in what can be exchanged with the point collected and many gave up on the system.

ChatTee solves the above issues by providing flexibility in the points earn by using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. User can easily earning the coin using ChatTee as a platform and at the merchant participating on our platform the easy and the fun way! The coin earned at one merchant can be used at other merchants or can be exchangeable with e-Vouchers, Coupons, or even Mileages. Furthermore, the coin is transferable and does not expire!

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ChatTee is a product of TEE-Coin Pte. Ltd. Please visit TEE-Coin official site to find out more about the project and the team behind it.

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